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How Does this Work

Looking to help you avoid Destroying your Credit Rating Score for 7 years

If your property goes to auction, or you default on your mortgage / lien, go into bankruptcy  this all goes on your credit history. With such defaults, your Credit Rating will be so low that getting a simple loan for a car or applying to rent a property will become close to impossible, unless you pay in cash or you will pay very high interest rates.


We Agree an Offer

I can usually make you an offer there and then, but you should get Legal, Finance and  Mortgage advice, I'll leave you with an 'Other Options Guide'. At some point we will agree a path forward for you.
Either way I aim to get you out of this jam.


Quick Closing and CASH in your Hands!

If it makes sense for you to sell to me, it will get you out of your Lein / Debt and with cash in your hand . But mainly, no costly hit on your Credit Rating for 7 years.

Give us a Call

This is the hardest part, a problem shared is a problem halved. Let's just talk and see if I can be of service.

Invite us over to your Home for a Review

So will need to meet with you in person, see inside and out side of the property, I will bring over a builder who will help assess the costs of anything I will need to pay to correct. I will need to confirm some details with you, which I will send over before we  meet.

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